My Background

I grew up in the family construction business, starting with my father’s Glass Factory. After receiving my Bachelors in Interior Design from the Accademia Italiana della Moda in Florence, Italy, I opened my own Interior Design company in South America and ran it succesfully for 11 years before moving to the United States. My studies abroad, along with the languages I learned along the way, gave me a solid understanding of a variety of cultures, and lifestyles. Here in Georgia, I decided to pursue my Real Estate license to help people with the most important financial investment of their lives by sharing what I have learned through a lifetime in the industry. Since then, I have helped many clients achieve their dreams.

I have also learned a very specialized field within the Real Estate industry called Short Sales (losing only 15% to foreclosure in 2008, and 8% in 2009). It is intended for people who can no longer afford their current mortgages, so that they can sell the house at a discount without bringing a large sum of cash to closing or suffering a foreclosure or a bankruptcy. If you are curious about this specialty of mine, click Short Sales Info on the menu above.  Beyond simply earning a living, I see this as my opportunity as a Realtor to give back to society and help people make the best decisions for their families –  both for the present and for the future.  Guiding the transition away from home ownership is just as important as guiding people to home ownership.

Now, with the economy turning the focus on commercial real estate and its risks, I have been focusing on Commercial Short Sales.  It is my belief that Commercial Short Sales will be as prevalent in the next two years as Residential Short Sales have been in the past 18 months.  The same principles apply, helping people salvage their financial future and creating a deal where all parties win. 

I am a member of the Georgia Real Estate Investors group, and help some of their members find investment properties to rent or re-sell. You can be assured that I take good care of my clients. The fact that 78% of my business comes through either Referrals or Repeat clients demonstrates that.

Come visit my Atlanta Metro North Real Estate Blog where you can chat with me and with my clients and network of experts, or look at the Metro Atlanta Short Sale Blog to learn and ask questions about Short Sales in the Atlanta area. Join the community and give us your thoughts. I look forward to a lively exchange on these Blog forums. Please feel free to give me a call or write me an email. You can find my phone numbers and email address on the left hand side of this page. Tell me what I can do to help you understand the language of Real Estate.  

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