Selling Commercial Properties

One of the most challenging aspects of the Commercial Real Estate market is that every property is unique – including yours.  In residential, comparisons and valuations are easy because the very same house exists in almost the same location, and the transaction volume allows for the application of statistical formulae to arrive at the proper value.  This is not true of the Commercial market.  We can help you with a BPO/Appraisal of your commercial property.

In addition, the market has changed significantly in the past year, and is about to change even more in the next several months as the economic snowball effect is realized.  This means that there will be even more foreclosures and short sales on the market soon which will pressure prices even lower.  The primary consequence of this is: If you are thinking about selling in the next two years, now may well be the very best moment you will see.  Let me explain how I will market your property in this environment.

A better option, if it is financially feasible, may be to become a landlord and lease out your property to another business.  We can help with this as well.  The critical factor here is the financial stability of the tenant company, and we are able to assess that with credit checks.  [link: become a landlord]

If leasing is not possible, and the current value of the property is less than the outstanding mortgage, another option may be to Short Sell the property [link].  This is an option where the lender accepts less than the full mortgage amount while releasing any liens on the property so that it can be sold.  The difference may be completely forgiven, or be partially subject to a deficiency – this is all part of the negotiation.  Adriana is a Short Sale Specialist and can bring her 4 years of Short Sale Expertise and powerful negotiating skills to bear on your behalf.