Broker’s Price Opinion (BPO) and Appraisals for your Property

We will give you a thorough opinion of the value of your property by brokers who work with your specific property type. The BPO will include sale comps, competing properties, analysis and a written opinion of value.

Our team will conduct a site visit and complete analysis of the property. We review the zoning, possible uses, the income and expenses, the leases, and other components of the property. Our agents and research department research and compare the property to similar properties sold, leased and currently on the market. We run financial cash flow projections and pro-forma analysis. We meet face-to-face with you to present a written broker’s opinion of value and a market analysis including providing sales comparables.

This service is free if you hire us to market the property at the presentation. If you need the analysis for another reason or you are not ready to go to market at the time, the costs will be quoted in advance and usually ranges from as low as $500, up to $2,000 depending on the property type and size. If we sell the property in the following 12 months the fee may be refunded at closing.

Contact Adriana for an appraiser familiar with your property type and location, or see our appraiser resources provided on this site under resources.  The fees for commercial appraisals usually run from $2,000 to $5,000 or more depending on the type of property and appraisal required. The appraiser will help you identify the type of appraisal needed and provide you with a cost quote.