Our Marketing Strategy

We think “Outside the box.”  Your average commercial real estate agent is part of an old-boys network.  They market only to their own database – they are interested only in finding their own buyer for your property, not cooperating with all the brokers in the market.  This dramatically reduces the effectiveness and reach of their marketing efforts – because they have no real interest in marketing other than to show their client that they are doing so.

Let’s put this in perspective.  Little more than a decade ago, residential agents travelled around with big heavy paper books of listings and considered the need to work with other agents to sell their listings as a negative.  Today, Realtors understand that cooperating amongst themselves makes everyone more productive – “a rising tide lifts all boats.”  This philosophy has not embedded itself in the mind of the Commercial Agent.

The vast majority of commercial listings are not listed in publically accessible databases such as Georgia MLS.  The large commercial databases require a fee to register, and most agents would rather not pay it, they want to find and bring their own buyer to earn the entire commission.

We market your property on all public databases, as well as our own internal web site.   We publish the information to Georgia’s Real Estate Investors Association.  We proudly highlight the fact that we will cooperate with any licensed broker and share the commission equally.   We go a step further and register your property in a broad series of international web sites for foreign national real estate investors – those who realize that US Real Estate is “On Sale” right now at bargain basement prices (on the international stage).  Adriana’s international certifications give her access to a broad range of international sites as well as a network of internationally qualified and certified resources to make deals happen in any language with any culture.

We believe that the commercial market must undergo the same paradigm shift and technological revolution that the residential market experienced over the last decade.  The old-boys must give way to the new age.