Just What IS a Short Sale?

A Short Sale is one way of avoiding foreclosure and bankruptcy.  It is when the lender accepts less than the loan amount (a discount on the loan) and releases the lien on the property at closing, without requiring the owner to make up the difference.  I have made Short Sales one of my specialties, and can guide you through the process either as the buyer or the seller. If you are a buyer and want to make an offer on one of my short sales, please see the instructions at “Preparing an Offer on a Short Sale“. If you are looking to avoid foreclosure or bankruptcy, and can no longer afford the house you have, please contact me.  I have several resources at my disposal to help you with your unique situation.  If you have not received a notice of foreclosure yet, you still have several options.  Let me help you decide which one is best for you.  Email me or call me at 678-907-7034 (or any of the contact information to the left).

In the current market situation, a brand new crop of “experts” have appeared – the luxury for an agent to not do difficult transactions no longer exists.  Given the market conditions many communities are facing, and the financial difficulties you may be facing yoruself, finding a true expert in Short Sales is more important than ever.  I close my short sales – several each month.  When talking with an agent, make sure you ask how many short sales they’ve closed on behalf of the Seller (not the buyer).  If the answer is single digits, do you have the luxury of trusting them with your financial future?